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Treasure Trooper: You will be drooling with anticipation...

Secrets are not free in life, but in this case... THEY ARE! Keep on reading...
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In TreasureTrooper, you get a a Diamond for completing a specific cash offer, which you do not know the identity of.

Mabutu's secret basically gives you five different offers, one of which is your diamond offer. Mabutu tells you that if you complete one of the offers, something special will happen (you will discover the diamond).

The reason why Mabutu's secret isn't posted anywhere is because it's different for each user. For example, the five offers that Mabutu lists for me is completely different from the five offers that he'll tell you. There is no advantage to sharing Mabutu's secret with others.

Act One - Stopped On A Bridge
Well… here’s where the headache starts. You will realize right away that this is not a treasure hunt, but a laundry list of things you need to pass on to the next act. Here, a “native” stops you on a bridge and demands that you give him 20 gold coins. These gold coins are from offers, the least of which are the 50-cent surveys that provide 1 gold coin apiece. That’s about 20 offers you need to pass on, get to it.

Act Two - A Missing Part
After struggling over your 20 gold coins (which are taken away), you know don’t know what to do as you are informed you need a “missing piece” to make a compass work. You need to purchase BOTH pages 1 AND 2 of the “Trooper Journal” to continue. Why they didn’t make it the first page is beyond me. Regardless, you will find out that you need to get the “Ruby” in the “Trading Hut” page for 15 gold coins. Total cost of this round is 15 coins for the ruby + 10 coins per page for a total of 35 coins… ouch.

Act Three - Beware of Villagers
Okay, by now you are probably thinking… what else can they throw at me. This is when they hit you with the news you will need 8 pearls to continue. Pearls are offered after completing offers in a mini-game. The odds of winning are roughly 1-in-3. I hit bad odds on this, but hopefully you won’t. Logically, this will work out to about 24 offers completed, although you might already have enough if you didn’t spend them.

Act Four - Carried Away
After handing over the 8 pearls you just collected (finally)… you find out, once again, the “villagers” have disregarded your offer and want more. Now, again, you will need a gem to continue. The photo drops a hint of “worship the sun,” and after you purchase the third page of the Trooper Journal for another 10 coins, you find that you need the Topaz gem to continue. This is relatively easy, you just need to complete 10 daily surveys. But if you haven’t done this before, you could be hit with a one-to-two week waiting time for the surveys to count. Get your Topaz and move on.

Act Five - Give Me That!
So you got together what you need to pass act four… congrats! Act five is a breeze. But you will learn soon that it actually kills you. The character “Clara” hold you up with a weapon, and forces you to forfeit the ENTIRE TREASURE MAP! You can now move on to Act 6, but it’s not gonna be pretty…

Act Six - Down For The Count
You get “shot” and now will need an elixir to continue. Of course, they guys down at Treasure Trooper have cooked up some random incoherent story about why you need to get the next gem. You don’t need another Trooper Journal page (for now), because they put the pages out of order with the treasure hunt. You need the Emerald, which entails referring 3 friends. Don’t try to cheat them… they will shut down your account in a heartbeat. Not too bad for now, continue on.

Act Seven - Stopped On A Bridge… Again
It’s back to the drawing board after they take your treasure map away. This is starting to get old. You need to scrape up another 20 golden coins in order to continue. At this point, you really need to be racking up golden coins. I suggest the cheap 50 cent free offers to maximize your “coinage.” And yes, you are back where you started in Act 1.

Act Eight - A Change Of Fate
The native tries to throw you over the bridge again, but some monkey comes out of nowhere and kills him. I wish I was making this up, haha, but yes a random monkey makes an appearance. Good news is that you get 7 of your 20 golden coins back, nice! This act is in the books, keep going on to act nine… but don’t you dare spend those coins, you are going to need them. Continue on.

Act Nine - Mabutu Wants More!
Alright, rolling right along. We are feeling good after getting some coins back, aren’t we? WRONG! Mabutu wants another 40 coins for the treasure map that Clara took from you. This one is gonna take awhile. At this point you may be thinking, wow I wish I never even started this. Indeed, they go way overboard in making users complete all of these tasks… but if you want the $100 be my guest. Cash in those 40 golden coins for the map and move onward!

Act Ten - The Lake of Dreams Takes Its Toll
You make some great progress in getting to the next location on the treasure map. Unfortunately, the fun runs out here. Hopefully, you resisted the urge to spend and pearls you make have acquired by completing offers to get your 40 golden coins in act nine. 15 pearls is the demand this time. This means an average of 45 offers completed, this isn’t a walk in the park, especially if you are unlucky. Grab 15 pearls, throw them into the lake, and continue on.

Act Eleven - A Mermaid’s Heart
Now that you have given away all of your hard earned golden coins and pearls, you find that the mermaid in the lake want a gem… the sapphire. Why? Well you will need the fourth journal page in order to find out. As always, there is a nonsense reasoning attached to the trooper page that tells you a sapphire is a frozen heart of a mermaid. So get the page for 10 coins, and get the sapphire by completing $100 worth of offers. Now if you have been doing credit card offers, it shouldn’t be much of a problem… otherwise you may have some work to do.

Act Twelve - Another Act, Another Ridiculous Request
Okay, so you are probably wondering what else can they throw at you right? Well now that you are at a cave entrance, you need a lantern that Mabutu conveniently is selling at the entrance to see around. Personally, I’d rather wander in the dark because the going rate is a hefty 15 platinum coins. Platinum coins come few and far between. So you either do credit card offers, or you do 30 of the one-half platinum coin freebies. Make up your mind, and enter that cave.

Act Thirteen - A Painful Finale
Act 13! This is the last one… excited? Well maybe you shouldn’t be. The lantern dies down and the prompt informs you that you need some sort of “light source” to continue. Of course, you have to purchase the fifth page to find out what this means. Duh duh duhhh…. its the Amethyst, and you need 15$ in cash shopping earned to complete this. WOW. This is daunting and impossible for most people, and when the moderators claim you do not need a credit card to complete the treasure hunt, I suppose they are disregarding this act entirely. Most sites pay back a meager 5% on purchases. This means that getting $15 will require a substantial $300 dollar purchase. Have fun!