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Frequently Asked Questions About Treasure Trooper

x. I am a complete moron! Can I still be a Treasure Trooper?


1. How do they know you took the survey?
When you take the survey, the advertiser's site places a "Cookie" on your computer. Once it places the cookie, it means you completed the offer, and they in-turn contact TT, telling them that you completed the offer.  See the tips section to learn how cookies work, and how to delete them.

Should I be using the same e-mail addy for every survey?
No. Change up e-mails frequently. I have 4-5 e-mails that I rotate the offers through. It helps approval rates.

Will I get tons of SPAM from this?
Yes. That is why I create several e-mail addys that I do not use for anything but TT. My main e-mail addy I keep out of the offers so I don't get SPAM.

How often does it pay out?
TT pays out the 15th of every month. SO:
If you start in July, every offer that you complete until July 31, will be paid out on the August paycheck, as long as you have $20 or more in your "Offer Earnings Due" section. However, if you complete the offer on July 31, and it approves on August 1, it will still get credited on the August 15 paycheck.
If you complete an offer on August 1, and it approves on August 2, it will go toward the September paycheck.
If you do not meet the minimum $20 payout, it carries over into the next month's payout.

How does the money get sent to you?
Check only. NO PayPal. It gets sent in the mail.

What is the most you have made on TT so far?
This month was my best paycheck (I joined May 16). I am getting paid $374.24.

What is the most $ survey you have taken?
TICKLE IQ was worth $27. I paid $13 and earned $27... pretty good deal! The other TICKLE quizzes cost $5, but pay out $20-22 as well. was $17 for a free offer, no money was required, just a CC# which never got charged.

Anyone ever get stiffed from them? You took a survey and they didn't pay you for it?
There are offers that have not approved in my account. I have done about 150 offers, and about 85 have approved. However, you can re-do offers (suggested every 2 weeks if they do not approve by then). It is inevitable that some will not approve, but check out my hints and tips to see how to improve these odds.

Do you do anything other than cash offers?
I do the free offers, the CC offers, the free trial offers, and the offers that require S&H. I do them all if they appeal to me.

Is it worth my time really?
I believe it is. I have put in some time investment (as you can see by the website), but I really enjoy the site. $550 in less than 2 months for virtually no investment (I've paid about $50 out of pocket for offers)... I'd definitely recommend it!!!

11.What is the Meaning of "With Intent to Participate"
Many people have asked how far into the survey they have to go for offers that say "enter email address with intent to participate." Usually these offers ask for 1) you email address or zip code, 2) your mailing address, 3) To answer some survey questions (mostly yes/no), and 4) for you to complete one or two other offers (most likely CC offers or paying offers). So how far do you have to go? I have gotten offers approved by just entering my email address. Other people like to go as far as entering their other personal information, just to make sure. It's recommendable to at least answer a couple of the survey yes/no questions. However, you do not have to go as far as step four to get the offer approved.

12. What is the difference between "Cash Offers" and "Cash Surveys" 

"Cash Offers" are the ones that pay $.50 and up for filling out advertiser's info, putting in name, e-mail, etc.
"Cash Surveys" is a new section. Treasure pays $.75 everytime you qualify for and complete the daily survey. You are only allowed to complete one daily survey per day.
The cash surveys section is brand new (this week it was posted) and contains about one hundred survey sites that you can take surveys with (many of those suggested on this forum), but they are not paid through TT... only the $.75 for the daily survey is paid through TT.