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The Unofficial Treasure Trooper *Money* Guide

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*The NOOB Guide*
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Treasure Trooper: So This is How it Works...

TT nOObs, here is HOW Treasure Trooper works:

At TT you fill out free offers that are worth $.50 or more.

You put in e-mail address, address, phone, etc, to earn the money amount stated in the offer. I use FREE VOICEMAIL SERVICE for my phone number so I don't have solicitors calling me at home. I also created 4 separate e-mail addresses, and never use my main e-mail because I get quite a lot of junkmail... but it is well worth the money!

After you fill out each offer, it will go into the "Pending Approval" section on your home page.  Once the offer gets approved, it moves into your "Approved Offers" section and you are paid the amount of money that is listed next to the offer. In addition to the money, each offer earn gold coins and possibly pearls.  The pearls are earned once you complete an offer and click "Done" in the "Cash Offers" section.  If you guess the correct clam, a pearl is associated with the offer that you completed, and when it approves the pearl is credited to your account. 

The coins are used to buy various items from Mabutu's Trading Hut.  These items include:
The Ruby
Treasure map pieces (four pieces create one map)
Mabutu's Secret
Treasure Hunt Tickets
Pearl Bracelet

Treasure Trooper Journal

Free mousepad
Free Bumper Sticker

Right now the virtual jewels (eg. Ruby) have an unknown use, which will be made known sometime in the near future.
Pearls are used to purchase a virtual pearl bracelet, which earns you 2 referrals.

For each referral you have, you earn 20% of what they make (as a thank you from TT), and 5% of what their referrals make.

The TT forum contains contests, games, and monthly treasure hunts. 
The treasure map pieces that you can buy will be used in a $100 treasure hunt to find the Lost Statue of the Mambiko Tribe- Mabutu will pay $100 to all who find the statue. No date has been set for it, so there is still time to save up!

TT recently added a new "Cash Survey" section.
TT will pay $0.75 for the surveys that you qualify for and complete... which could definitely add up!!! A new virtal gem is hidden somewhere in the new survey section!

I have made $1,005 since I started with TT on May 16, 2006. I did mostly free offers (only about $75 was paid out of pocket to earn this money).

There is no CC or investment required to do offers. Some offers may require CCs, but you don't have to do the paid ones to make money.


There are 5 different ranks, and they correlate to the number of offers you have had approve.
I believe these are the requirements for each rank, but it was indicated by a member survey, and is not an official list:

0-9 = Wishing Well Spelunker

10-19 = Metal Detector

20-29 = Grave Robber

30-49 = Relic Hunter

50+ = Treasure Trooper!