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Treasure Trooper: The Guide on FREE OFFERS

Earning Potential

For those of you with no credit cards, you can still make a lot of money just doing the free offers. Right now there are over 250 free offers, and more are added regularly.    
More info:
Earning Potential 

The Meaning of "With Intent to Participate"

Many people have asked how far into the survey they have to go for offers that say "enter email address with intent to participate." Usually these offers ask for 1) you email address or zip code, 2) your mailing address, 3) To answer some survey questions (mostly yes/no), and 4) for you to complete one or two other offers (most likely CC offers or paying offers). So how far do you have to go? I have gotten offers approved by just entering my email address. Other people like to go as far as entering their other personal information, just to make sure. It's recommendable to at least answer a couple of the survey yes/no questions. However, you do not have to go as far as step four to get the offer approved. 
More info: 
With Intent to Participate   

Approval Rates

*This is a specific member's account of these offers... this is just an FYI guide, and will not be true for everybody.

Tons of people have been asking (and complaining) about the approval rates for free offers. So I'll give it to you straight: not all offers will approve the first (or second, or third) time you complete them. To "redo" an offer, you simply go to your Pending Offers, click on the link for the offer you have to redo, and fill in your information again. Most free offers will approve in 1-2 days (except for ones such as,, ebay, and iWon) so if it hasn't approved in about a week, it's safe to redo it. I was curious to see what the approval rate actually was for the free offers, so I made a little chart showing how many times I completed an offer before it was approved (I know, I'm a dork biggrin.gif ):

1. Free iPod- I
2. Free Smart Phone- I
3. Tik Tik Cash- I
4. Free Bowflex- I
5. Free Sony PSP- I
6. Free Olympus- I
7. Free Gift Card- I
8. Alienware Laptop- I
9. Nintendo DS- II
10. Vacuum- II
11. Mac Mini- III
12. Free Blue Tooth- III
13. Free Vacation- III
14. Circuit City- III
15. Texas Holdem- III
16. Free Lawn Mower- IIII
18. Free Razr- IIII
19. Ford/Chevy- IIII
20. Sephora- IIIII
21. Taylor Made- IIIII
22. Gym Pass- IIIII
23. Bose Sounddock- IIIII

As you can see, not all of the offers approve the first time you do them. Approval rates are different for each person- one person could have an offer approve the first time they did it, while another person could have to complete the same offer five times to get it approved. 

There are some steps you can take to increase your approval rate:

1. Alternate between email addresses

If the offer requires an email address, having several different ones to give out greatly increases your chances of having the offer approve. Many people have at least three email addresses they alternate between.

2. Don't do too many free offers at once

Most people recommend doing about 5 offers a day to maximize your chances of getting approved. Otherwise, you'll find yourself having to redo a lot of offers.

3. Don't clear your cookies while completing an offer

"Cookies" are pieces of info that are put on your computer when you visit a site. If you clear these while doing an offer, the site has no way of knowing that you were there. Some people recommend clearing your cookies before and after doing an offer, but I haven't noticed an increased approval rate from doing that.  More info: COOKIES

The bottom line: be patient. Lots of offers will have to be redone, and persistence is definitely required, but hey... it's a small price to pay for FREE money, isn't it?