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Treasure Trooper Referral Guide-- My Tips/Hints

Referral Guide- Tips and Hints

Good ways of getting referrals include:
1) Friends and Family- These are valuable resources, however, you can't refer people who use the same computer or connection- or else the referral will not be valid- people can participate in TT who live in the same household, they just can't be referred to one another.
2) Add your link to your signature for forums (ones that allow this of course).
3a) Flyers-The template is available in the link I gave above: I post them in my mailroom or at community posting places.  Here is the thread for the "Photos of flyer placement contest"-
Some creative places to put flyers 
3b) To create Flyers, go to the Treasure Trooper Flyer Creator

4) Chat Rooms-I go to rooms that have money discussions & post- Don't SPAM- this is not encouraged. Become a member of the chat community, then throw out your link in money discussions OR attach it to your signature.
5) MySpace-I post bulletins and created my own survey webpage in the money section
6) Xanga-Like MySpace... but different

Now, the trick is to get your referrals to make money.
The first thing I do is request to contact my referrals. If they approve contact, I send out a standard e-mail with hints and tips I've learned by using TT and the forum.  See below to view the welcome e-mail that I send to my referrals.  If you'd like, you can use the information I provided to send to your referrals once they approve contact! :)

  • For the Treasure Trooper's Official Guide To Referrals, check out the first page of the site, it gives some great hints!



  •     First things first, I would say start with the free offers so you can get used to the system.  Make sure to fill them out completely and with true and honest information.  TT gets feedback from the advertisers, and if there are too many incidents of dishonest information being given, TT will delete your account. 
        When you do offers, make sure to go through them AS FAR AS POSSIBLE.  Basically, fill out your information, and answer the yes/no questions, until it tells you you have to fill out a silver, gold or platinum offer to get the item.  If you get to a point where they say you must click yes on an answer to continue, click "yes" on one offer, then when the offer opens, click "Skip" or "Next", until you get out of that section. 
        Many of the offers are offered by the same company, and even though you clicked on different links (ex. RAZR then Laptop), it still thinks you're completing the same offer twice, and trying to cheat the system.  That is when using different e-mail addresses is helpful!
        Most Treasure Troopers have several e-mail addresses to complete offers.  This way your regular inbox doesn't get flooded with spam, and you don't get frustrated!  Plus, some companies recognize that you've filled out a similar offer by tracking e-mail addresses, so its good to switch them up between offers.
        Some members are concerned about mail going to their home.  I rarely get junkmail at home... it is too expensive for companies.  They mostly send otu e-mail junkmail.  I have seen an increase in snail mail of maybe 1-2 pieces per week... TOPS!  Although giving out my address is not a concern for me, some people do choose to get a P.O. Box... but I really don't think it is necessary.
        One trick to getting offers approved is to not do them all in the same day.  Do like 5 or 6 a day.  When you are done make sure to clean out your cookies, and have cookies enabled (Check Toolbar above- Click "Tools"---then  "Internet Options"--- then "Delete Cookies"). 
        If you have multiple e-mail addresses you will want to use a couple of alternate e-mail addresses, and switch e-mail from time to time. (You can create hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc... for personal use).    
        I have paid for a couple of offers, the rest were the .50 and $1 ones. 
    * is cool... they paid $17 and 5 coins (in about a day and a half it posted to my account!), and you have 2 weeks to cancel.  It is a free trial, so you can use the service for up to 2 weeks without being charged, and you still get credited the $17! 
    *Blockbuster is a great offer as well.  They offer a free trial of the mail video delivery service and pay you to try it!
    *BingoLiner was also a good offer.  They paid out $40, you just have to put a $25 deposit down to play BINGO- BUT I won $40 with BINGO, so I ended up with even more money!  Make sure to read the TOS about withdrawing money.  You have to earn a certain % before you can take the money out, but even if you lose it all, you still earn $15 over your investment!
       I use one e-mail address for all of my CC offers, that way, if I order a service with a free trial I can track my orders more easily. 
        Also, one helpful hint is to get referrals! I have made $400+ just by having referrals who complete offers (THANK YOU!).  The more referrals you get, the more $$$ you will make.  I do make more money by completing orders than I get via referrals though.  On my website I list helpful hints about how to obtain referrals: 
        They have a way to make flyers or business cards on the TT website, they are great tools for attaining referrals.  Also, make sure to e-mail friends and family, because this is a really easy way to make money, and who can't use a little extra cash from time to time :)  I like the flyers because I can post them in the mailroom at my apartment or at local posting boards.
        If you shop online, make sure to check out the cash shopping section.  They have over 300 stores there!  I have never had a problem with the online shopping through TT, and I always get money credited to my account because of it!  Defeinitely a good service to check out!